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Love and Relationship Readings by Spiritualist Katherine
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There is a saying that "if you assume things you are guaranteed to make an a** out of yourself". Lately, the universe has been sending out shifting and unsettling energies to us all and what I mean by that is, people are assuming situations and things about others that is distorting their very own perception of what is real and what is not. You may find yourself thinking one way, you may even get offended and hurt by someone and the truth is that person didn't intend to send out that type of message or energy to you. The truth is that even if that person was angry the anger was not intended for you! For example, there has been many situations of people having arguments and threatening to do bodily harm to people on the internet. Does the phrase FACEBOOK WARS mean anything too you? What in the heck is wrong with people is everyone going crazy? You may say this too yourself but, sadly this is alot of what are eyes and ears are telling us and its only half true! Especially when we are on the internet chatting on forums, blogs, networks. Make sure that you have clarity about what the person is saying too you first before you react. You may think someone is talking about you but the truth is that they could be venting about someone or something else. Don't get caught up in the confusion.


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