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Shocking true story how an excorsim changed this womans life forvever. Her name and identity is protected. The story starts with her telling me that she...

met a girl named Cindy at a day care center I worked at, we decided to go off on our own and open a learning center. So we found an old house on a large piece of property and rented it, furnished it, went and purchased all the school supplies we needed and set out to pick up clients. Our first client was a small boy named Jesse he was a great kid and soon there were more kids to follow and we filled up fast, we also took on adults at night to teach English to. Well things went ok for a while the weird stuff started happening, #1 it was a weekend and we were closed but Cindy heard Jesse call her name while she was out back and without even thinking ran in to see what he needed. Well of course no one was there. She shrugged it off. #2 Then the next time I had just got to work walked in and heard Cindy’s husband Tony call my name from the driveway, I told him hang on and went to unlock the door and no one was there, in fact Cindy said he was called into work early because of an issue, but when he got to work they said no one had called him in. #3 Our next incident was while sitting having lunch in the kitchen we heard the bookshelf fall and all the books slide across the hard wood floors, we ran in thinking one of the kids who were supposed to be napping had got up and climbed on the shelf and it fell, well I get in there and not a thing out of place and no one around. #4 We had an Indian room full of Indian photos and relics and we had one photo of a beautiful Indian woman, we placed it on the wall came back later and it was sitting on the floor across the room propped up on the wall, so we thought whatever and put it back on the wall and again it was moved to a new location, now we were thinking something’s not right here so we placed the picture in a new location shut the door opened it back up and again the picture was moved that quick, we did this a few more times in disbelief and again the picture moved so we just left it be where it was last set, and it moved all over daily. #5 Cindy was in her room in the closet getting some things when all of a sudden the door shut, she tried to open it but the door know was red hot and she pulled the cord for the light in the closet and the bulb exploded. #6 Ok whatever was here did not like myself or Cindy’s Husband and did not want us around her.
She became not herself, her and her husband were like two peas in a pod but not anymore and the same with us, we were close but she started pushing us away. She went to the extreme with me, she on three different occasions tried to hurt me. The first time was an old heater poker for turning the old floor heaters on, she tried to stab me with it, the second was she took her hands around my neck and said what a small neck you have and proceeded to chock me out, the third was at lunch she took a knife and tried to stab me and that was it for me I ran out to my car and she followed and jumped on my hood and I took off and slammed on the brakes and rolled her butt down the driveway, I then had to call her hubby for help. From there we decided something was wrong with her and I told him lets go bring her to my church but we did not tell her where we were going. Well we arrive at the church and had to drag her out of the car kicking and screaming, we got to the steps and she clung on to the rail, the neighbors thought we were trying to hurt her I think, but we finally made it in to the office and locked her in, OMG she started growling like a wild animal, deep men voice came out of her and babies crying and a lot more too, well the pastor knew this was out of his hands so he called his brother in-law and asked him to help us, he said come on over to his church which was 20 minutes away. So we rustle her into the car and start on our way, every light we came to turned red even if it had just turned green I sat in the back with her while her husband drove and the pastor sat in the front, well she kicked the poor guy the whole way there, I think this is an experience he will never forget. We finally arrive at the church, the new pastor says bring he upstairs, ok easier said than done, what a workout, we get her up and she tried to jump out the window. So now we are having to restrain her not fun, her husband sat on her legs and I sat on her hips and held her arms down, the pastor explained that she seemed to be possessed and he would have to exercise whatever it was out of her. Well I thought it was funny because I never believed in possession. So here we go, Well she tried to bite my face right off the bat, and she said if you don’t let go I’ll break her arm, I laughed again not believing in this and all of a sudden her wrist was ripped out of my hand and her arm was twisting, yikes made a believer out of me. Then as the pastor did his thing more voices and people and animals noises came out. It whatever it was made her stop breathing and she became blue, the pastor spoke fast and did stuff and all of a sudden she gasped for air. This kind of stuff went on for hours and hours. Very draining on me, especially because I was the main restraint for her, her poor husband was so afraid all he could do was sit and stare in disbelief. Her face would change and she would look so evil and her voices were crazy. I was so glad when it was over and she was back to normal. OMG never wanted to see that again. The pastor sent a crew of holy men to the school also where they were living, to do a total cleanse and remove anything they thought might in the least be bad for us and we then help prayer meeting there at night. I think she had been messing around at night and did not know how to protect herself and left herself open to all kinds of bad entities. She used to burn candles in a circle and sit in the middle. Well we quit the learning center and she moved on never to be heard from again.