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Haunted Halloween Experience from Barry Nelson a must read dear hearts!

One of my favorite Holloween experiences took place a good 30 years ago. I have visuals of spirit world ever since I recovered from a coma at age 10. I was scheduled to work Holloween night at the Wauwatosa, WI. Marshall Field's store ( now Macys). As I made my routine night watchman tour through a rounded evening gown area on the first floor viewing area, five light gray ghosts who were laying on the sofas quickly sat up and looked at me. I smiled and told them I see them and wished them a happy Holloween. When I reached the third floor, I noticed how beautiful the newly set up Christmas tree glowed with all its colorful extra large glass ornaments. I walked through the very dimly lit elegant restaurant. A well dressed elderly woman of some refinement sat at one of the center tables with an expensive looking china cup in one hand. Every detail of her clothing, her jewlry and hair was perfect. Unlike the the light gray ghosts I saw on the first floor, she was in vivid color. I tipped my policeman's hat to her and she quietly nodded as I passed by.

What this experience taught me was that Halloween is a time for ghosts to honor themselves reliving favorite times.~ Barry Nelson