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Love and Relationship Readings by Spiritualist Katherine
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If your looking to get your psychic, tarot, spiritual or religious business up and going you need to come and talk to me. Click right here on "READY" it will take you to my direct website on! First initial consultation will be free as I will see if I can help you first and you meet the criteria. Love and light! ~Spiritualist Katherine

For over 25 years I have given Relationship Advice and spiritual readings for many friends and family. During the year of 2006 I decided to start doing readings professionally online and it jump started my business and career. My goal is to teach you the same plan as mine to get you started. Your success depends on how available you will be to potential clients. Thus, I will help you know what and what not to say to a potential client during a reading and how to handle yourself in a professional matter. Thus, teaching you what you should and should NOT do when approaching networks for hire and also starting your own psychic or spiritual ministry. No matter what religion I can help you! My fees start at $100.00 for the first month only. I will be available for you as needed for at least 30 minutes per day three days a week! That is a great deal and know that I will make accomodations for you. We will practice together for that time during the month so that you can gain your confidence when your giving readings. Experienced callers that frequent networks can smell a "newbie" right away! So don't start off getting hit with bad ratings and reviews that will destroy your career before you even start let me help you! Allow me to help you get the contract today!
First you will be given a questionaire to see if I can help you or not that will be free!
Secondly, if I can help you. There will be a First month charge special and you can either pay me directly by going to
Third method is that you can pay me directly by paypal. I will give you the information after your first free consulation.