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Here are your astrology horoscopes for the month of December!

Sagittarius do not forget your confidence and self worth. You may have had some challenges with work
and love but remember to reward yourself even if its for nothing so that you can keep your sanity.

Capricorn you may feel that you have been out of touch with reality or overcome with problems lately.
Make sure that you investigate all the facts and don't assume anything.

Aquarius make sure that you don't forget to share yourself with your loved ones,
catch up on your family time this month as Romance will definitely be a high
note for you, this month as Cupid is working early for you.

Pisces continue to embrace and love yourself this month and please do not share any secrets
or private information from anyone as this will cause you to be involved in an
argument or an uneasy situation.

Aries your passion for intellectual stimulation may cause you to miss out on the little things.
Find your balance and get in touch with loved ones whom you may not be so in tuned with.

Taurus you have a strong personality and always stand up for what you believe in but don't let your
judgements ruin your chance for romance this month let your significant other have the last word
in arguments or differences of opinions this month. Deep down inside you will know that your right.

Gemini this month you will overflow with confidence on some days. You will be able to get family,
children and even pets to cooperate with you. Everyone will look to you to lead the way and help
make important decisions.

Cancer this is the time of the year where you may run across some rude and very harsh people. Try
not to let this affect your mood and don't take things personal as many around you may be in a
humbug mood!

Leo there are many people who are wanting to be around you because of your loyal and non judegemental
personality. Watch out for others who want to compete against you, it may not be friendly competition.
Be careful not to put all your trust in one friend as your love life may suffer a bit.
Remember balance is your key this month.

Virgo your discovering more of your creative side. Your seriousness about your love, life and career
and it won't be a problem to find a balance and happiness in your life this month. Get ready because
love and romance will be heavy in the air.

Libra although you are known to be indecisive this month you will know exactly what you want and what you
will or will not put up with. Friends may not be a complete support to you this month but your spouse or significant
other will make up for that lack in your life this time around. Cupid will be in the air!

Scorpio do not let your intense emotions stop you from getting the love and attention that you deserve this month.
Remember this time of the year is about giving and sharing with those that are around you, so let others have a word in or opinion
just know that you will get back the same love and respect in days to come.

by ~Spiritualist Katherine