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Here are your (mini reading) horoscopes for the month of February!

Aquarius - Don't be alarmed when you may find yourself going through a few struggles this month. Relationship and Career situations will arise in your life. Your loyalty may be in question so take the time to reinforce and assure your loved one or job that you are still committed by saying so and showing it.

Pisces - Your bubbling outgoing personality will attract a certain admirer this month. If you’re single this would be great for you as you will potentially be entering in a relationship really fast. However, if you’re already in a relationship your secret admirer or new friend could spark a little jealousy with your significant other.

Aries - You like to lead and be in charge, however this month sit back and let others help you and try to be more of a team player at work or at home. Others will want to show you that they are capable just like you. You can always proofread or check the work later.

Taurus - Things are looking up for you this month. Career and family life appears to be going more smoothly than in the past. There will be an older person who will want to share some words of wisdom with you. Seems like everyone wants to offer you advice now that you have more of a sense of direction in life. Don't take it personal just say thank you and be in peace.

Gemini - You’re known to be very smart and intelligent, however you may come across people who don't understand you. Don't get angry and show your other bad twin side. Just remember that not everyone will be on your level this month. Be the bigger person.

Cancer - Someone from your past will be on your mind very strongly this month. Remember to stay focused on what you have to do. Remember the good times and let the past stay in the past where it belongs.

Leo - Your loving and loyal ways may get you attention that you’re not really looking for this month. You may have an admirer, friend, or stalker who just wont let you be. Stand firm and be straightforward. Now is not the time to worry about that persons feelings as they have crossed boundaries with you.

Virgo - You have many ideas and everything is starting to come together for you in your career and love life. Others will also come to you for help and advice. Remember to juggle and manage your time efficiently and have patience with others.

Libra - Your charming personality has made some people around you very happy; while there are others who are not quite pleased. Remember to move forward as you can't make everyone happy.

Scorpio - Remain calm this month as you will have those that will try to challenge your leadership skills and authority either at your job or home. Shock them all by showing that you will not get emotional nor approve of unfair demands. Remain level headed and show them that you will get things done. Walk away from confrontation.

Sagittarius - Your ability to be social will have you needed in many different areas. Lately you may feel like you’re being pulled in every direction. You’re a busy bee. Whether it’s work, career or play. You’re in demand! This is a good thing, but don't forget about your close loved ones and friends as they may feel a little left out.

Capricorn - This month is getting better for you. There will be a lot of responsibilities coming, but if anyone can handle it you can--and you will not be alone. There will be people that surround you and will be there to support you mentally, physically, and financially if needed.