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Who are the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Well just who are the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Some of you may not know but for those of you who do know who these beautiful, rich and powerful women are, here are the zodiac signs for each lady. Shedding light and insight on why they behave and tick the way that they do! Take the time to catch these ladies on Bravo. Enjoy~~

Taylor Armstrong is known throughout the internet as a Taurus in the Celebrity Astrology Circle. Originally from Oklahoma
she moved to Beverly Hills California eight years ago. This woman is stronger than she can appear at times. Surviving strong rejection and criticism from other cast mates she also suffered and survived the loss and suicide of her late husband, Russell Armstrong, and being the Taurus that she is she was strong enough to talk to the media and other woman about it and help others. Her astrological nature is to be the nurturing type,strong and loving and the best mate and companion, as the Taurus craves the same in return.
I could not find her actually date of birth however, please feel free to post and let us know. Taylor Armstrong is also
known to have had a troubling time on the Housewives of Beverly HIlls season 2 and its rumored Bravo will not be asking
her to return.
Real House Wives of Beverly Hills cast members Taylor Armstrong, left, ...
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Adrienne Maloof (your second housewife from your left)Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Profession: Co-owner of the holdings of Maloof Companies; volunteer for School on Wheels and the Good News Foundation; founder of the Camp Kindness program with the Sacramento SPCA, internet bloggers are saying that she was born on Sept. 4th, 1961 which would make her a Virgo. As most of us know the Virgo female can be very competitive and ambitious also one can say that she can come off rude and cold! Well if you watch the show you will see that Adrienne Maloof's marriage to her husband famous Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif, is a love hate marriage. On the screen it shows the more her husband tries to help her or boss her around the more resistant she becomes. NEVER try to boss a Virgo female around you will fail every time. Just as Adrienne is on the show, Virgos always strive for perfection when they are passionate about creating something or having a new job or career.
~photo is of Adrienne Maloof. Adrienne Maloof - 2010 TV Guide Magazine's "Hot List" -

Third housewife in the center the only brunette on the show is Kyle Richards.
Kyle Richards is a California native, born in Hollywood into an acting family. She landed her first role at age four in Disney's Escape to Witch Mountain, where she played the younger version of her sister, child actress and fellow Housewife Kim Richards. Her other sister is Kathy Hilton, mother to Nicky and Paris Hilton. Kyle's TV credits include Little House on the Prairie, Carter Country, Down To Earth, and ER. Film credits include Halloween, and The Watcher in the Woods. She was born in January 11th, 1969 which makes her a Capricorn. Capricorns normally will seek the center of attention and do not like to be second best and can be very bossy as you can see on the show she loves to boss her big sister Kim around and also can be very controlling and judgmental. That can be the nature of the Capricorn until he or she feels that they are ready to give you a break after you have proven yourself. Capricorns do not trust very easy and test everyone and everything that they do. They also strive for perfection which can drive their mates and friends over the edge.

Kyle is an avid advocate for the fight against cancer, even completing a 68-mile bike marathon last year to raise money to help fight the disease. Kyle is married to the love of her life, Mauricio Umansky, one of the nation's top realtors. Up next, Kyle is starring in the Lifetime original movie, Deadly Sibling Rivalry, and is also developing her own handbag line, working on her new lifestyle book, and creating her own skin care line with famed Beverly Hills spa Vera Bella. Her greatest passion, however, is being a mother to her four daughters: Farrah (22), Alexia (15), Sophia (11), and Portia (3). Kyle believes "If you obey all the rules, you'll miss all the fun."
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