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Here are your astrology horoscopes for the month of January!

Capricorn - You may find yourself going through a lot of changes, not everyone will understand you, so make sure that you only share your feelings with close family or friends. If you're in a relationship you may feel neglected...or if you're single you may feel more alone than normal at times this month. Make sure you try and change your thoughts and focus on the positive. It will get better.

Aquarius - Love is in the air this month and if you're not in a relationship, love could be right under your nose! Take the time to smell the roses this month and keep your sense of humor. Your thirst for intelligent conversation is a wonderful and attractive trait, but sometimes it can put those who are not as bright as you off because they may not really understand you. Keep your conversations charming and more on layman terms this month.

Pisces - You're known for being outgoing and also outspoken. Even though you're good about being up front and telling it like it is. Make sure that you do that with compassion this month, or you may have to apologize and mend your relationship with someone you really care about. You don't have to sugar coat it, but be gentle with the truth.

Aries - While it is true that you're a "go getter" passionate and even considered very smart, you love your space! Make sure that you keep an open mind to what others say around you. It will only make you look even more wise and stable. You may even find more people coming up to you or trying to make "small talk" or conversation with you. People will instantly be attracted to your confidence and strong spiritual energy.

Taurus - You will be really needed this month more than the "norm" by friends and family. You will be a great source of inspiration and support for those that love you. However, those that are a bit jealous of you, or enemies may see it in a negative light and will think it's all your ego. Also, love is in the air for you. You're only getting back the good karma that the universe is sending out to you for unselfishness.

Gemini - You're known for having an eye for things that only interest you. Your ability to be charming and very social this month will help you make a very good impression on those around you. Even if it's at work or at play, people will see both sides of how you view things and will agree with you whatever the issue may be because they will want to be happy like you as well and be drama free. Some may feel you're being selfish but that is far from the truth.

Cancer - You may have found a few challenges along your path the past few months, but things are looking up for you--finally. Your ability to try and change your outlook is working, it may not seem like it but there is light at the end of the tunnel for certain things that are going on in your life. Since you have tried to not look and focus on your past and start the New Year off right the universe will clearly be in your favor.

Leo - You are quite the loyal one! This month all eyes are upon you as your good luck is causing a few others to have a jealous green eye. Don't let this stop you from moving forward with your dreams and plans. You may be used to being the side-kick or loyal friend, but this month others that really love you will be loyal to you. Embrace and enjoy the role switch!

Virgo - Lately you may ask "what is going on in my life"? You may even feel you're at a dead-end or not on track. Don't worry as things will start to look up for you at the end of this month. All of the good things you're doing will finally pay off and become more clear. People around you may not understand what is going on with you so don't try to explain in detail. Try explaining later when you're at a more happier spiritual place in your soul.

Libra - Your charming abilities may be able to get you out of certain situations but love, work and family will be very demanding for you and you may start to feel overwhelmed at times--so don't be indecisive about taking time out for you Libra. That way you will be able to juggle all of these situations as they come up. Be prepared as it appears you will be very busy this month!

Scorpio - Be prepared to clash with a family, friend or new acquaintance this month. Just remember even if you feel you're right, don't try to over-explain as things will escalate. Beware also of instigators who may try to edge you on and side with you or pump you up. This is not good. Scorpio don't try to prove your point you will be better off walking away, or not engaging in negative energy. Stay far away from the drama.

Sagittarius - Your confidence and positive energy is very contagious to most people this month. It seems that everyone wants to be around you, even your lover or spouse. Romance is in the air. Work and Career looks very good for you, even that project you have been hoping to make some money on looks like a winner. Your hard work is paying off. Be prepared for financial increases you deserve it!