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Here are your free horoscopes for the month of April!

Aries it may seem that everything in the world that could go wrong will happen. Stand your ground this month as it will be a learning lesson for you make sure that prepare for this and take time out for meditation or prayer. It will get better.

Gemini now is the time for you to catch up with old friends or family members. Schedule a visit or take a small trip. Your energy is high this spring and everyone will want to hear what you have to say. This will be more of a positive and happy month for you, but be careful don't get caught up in gossip.

Taurus surprisingly things are starting to get better for you this month. Your at peace with most of your loved ones and you have a strong career path. So any attempt at making money, starting a project or business would be beneficial for you down the road, now would be a great time to start.

Cancer things have been a challenge for you the past few months, with your career, love life, and family. Its true that sometimes people may think that you can be a tad bit negative, but in reality you do see things for how they are. There will be those around you that may take your insight for rudeness so be aware of what is coming out of your mouth.

Leo now is the time for you to get ready for summer! People love to come to you for advice and just to be around your presence. Make sure that you continue to be your charming and caring self as it will open new doors in your life. Get ready for new friendships and business connections.

Virgo this is your month to shine. New friends and connections in your life will bring you new ideas and opportunities for advancement on your job and career path. Also love and romance will be surrounding Virgo this month.

Libra be aware this month someone will offer you a good opportunity or you will get asked to do a project that will help you in your career and financial path. Make sure you step back and analyze the situation first before you say yes as it will show the other party that you are aware and confident about your skills and what you can bring to the table.

Scorpio your going to meet or notice a new person in your life that will impress you and give you some good advice about which direction you should take on a certain issue. Remember to remain calm and learn from people this month as you will find a few people that will also question your intentions or motives. This time you won't have to answer to anyone but yourself.

Sagittarius keep a cool head this month as you may cross paths with those who question your authority and give you a hard time. Remember that people will think what they want to think. However, if they are not being a team player in regards to something that is important to you then its time to find someone who will. Remember its up to you to make your dreams into reality.

Capricorn this month things are going more your way, you seem to have a better understanding of your finances, career and love life no matter if its good or bad. Remember how much strength that you do have inside and remember your worth.

Aquarius this month romance and love is in the air. You may find that you and your significant other or ex will end up, re kindling your relationship or you will find new love. You may feel a little sensitive about what is going on in your love life this month but don't worry everything will turn out for the best or the way they should be.

Pisces this month look for new opportunities on your job or career path. Take the time this month to explore some of the old dreams and visions that you hold in your heart. You may have a chance to turn come of those dreams into reality.