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Here are your astrology horoscopes for the month of May!

Taurus - Make sure you take some personal time for yourself this month. Make plans for your birthday for yourself or with your loved ones. However, Taurus balance and watch your finances as you will be tempted to spend more than you plan.

Gemini - This month you will have an important decision to make in your life. Make sure you take the time to think about it or talk it over with friends or family. Don't make any quick decisions, review your situation and think things through.

Cancer - Someone around you will need your love and support. Take a little time out and offer your words of wisdom and advice. Your presence can make a difference be a shoulder to cry on.

Leo - You have the heart of a lion! You are loved by many but this month there will be a few negative people or trouble makers who will try to get a rise out of you. Don't stoop to that level. Just smile be your beautiful self and ignore them.

Virgo - There is a lot of excitement going on around you this month. Also a lot of changes that will benefit your future. Family and friends look to you for support and advice as others see you embracing your destiny. Your actions are inspiring others and people just want to be around you.

Libra - You may find yourself procrastinating a little this month. Make sure you get back on track as soon as you can. Libra you’re known for being indecisive. Pay attention to details and deadlines. Get control and order back into your life.

Scorpio - Love is in the air for you this month. That means either new love is coming or you and your significant other will catch up and bond with each other. You’re known for being emotional and intense this will pay off in a good way this time around.

Sagittarius - People are attracted to your confidence and creativity. Be prepared to meet new people for socializing and networking. Your career and financial paths look very strong this month. You have come a long way, accept your past failures they have made you stronger!

Capricorn - It may seem that you have so much to do and people that are depending on you. This month it would be good for you to take some time out for yourself. Pamper yourself with dinner and/or dancing. Try a spa day alone or with friends. This will surely help you to balance and gain insight in regards to your current situations.

Aquarius - This month you will see and find many opportunities for business ideas and projects. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Really do your research to find out if these are legitimate opportunities. Love is in the air for you, so take this time to spark up a new relationship or romance your lover or spouse.

Pisces - Take the time to evaluate where you stand in your life right now. This is the time for you to make and take chances in your life. Make sure you take time out with your lover or spouse this month. Also, get in touch with your family and friends most of them will support your ideas and endeavors.

Aries - You may find yourself at odds with someone this month. Don't let that distract you from what is really important in your life. You have a strong personality and you’re good at starting and finishing things. Some people don't understand that about you, even if you’re right or wrong. So this time be the bigger person and walk away from nonsense.